Tuesday, May 6, 2014

J’Adore: Caricatures.

My sister did these caricatures of us – me, her and our brother and I couldn’t be more amazed. I have been fascinated by caricatures of people for the longest time and thought to have many of my family as decor for when I am finally blessed with a home and house of my own. I find them really amusing, unique and fun to have. No one ever thinks of them as decor but they are quite impressive when done right. You either have a big head with the tiny body or one of your limbs as the focal point for the drawing while everything else is small.

Me and my siblings

When she shared these, I couldn’t get over the wonderment of it all most especially my mother’s! When I look at them (which I do all the time) I keep seeing her smile – she just shows teeth and her eyes. It is really her. I’m not saying my brother’s and sister’s aren’t like them just that my mother’s made quite the impression which I love.

My Mother

 For clarity, I am the one on the left in the upper picture (she even got my signature hair right the side-swept bangs), my sister Sue then Sad our brother, and below is our mother.

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