Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Kindling

They say 'change is always a good thing'. How good is it if all it does is bring you pain and little bursts of happiness one can't forever live on in an uncertain future and world?
What good is change if not permanent? Why must we implicitly follow its tide against better judgement only to discover  there is nothing much to hold on to at its destination, except scattered pieces of promises that will never come true?
Who needs promises they can't cash at the bank? And why bring someone along to show them the person they would hate to be? A person they in fact loathe to ever be? 
To avoid further occurrences of this and the disappointments that are never far from empty promises: it is both imperative and important to take a step back or a moment forward and work towards getting back the person you were before 'change' ever came along to show you a 'you' you'd detest ever being for the next era of your life.
Let go of all the tangible reminders and memories of that which will never be and rekindle the unfulfilled dreams with a slight shift in perspective geared towards getting the 'you' you know to the place you desired to be before 'change' came along and took you downhill.
Take a minute to remind yourself of what it is you really want out of life and the person you are trying to be in that life then work towards becoming the person you'd be proud of no matter the 'changes' you go through as long as you see a better you at the tide's destination.

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