Monday, October 3, 2011

The Law Of Attraction.

I have been having many of those nights where sleep eludes you and you just end up lying in bed thinking about your life. On one of those unfortunate or fortunate nights, I reflected on my life; where it was headed, what I had so far achieved and would like to achieve. I thought more on what it is I want to happen in my life and the methods of which I was to make this a reality.
Extra thoughts on the methods of achievement brought to mind "The Law Of Attraction" from the famous book "The Secret" written by Rhonda Byrne. According to the book, "The Law Of Attraction" is obedient to our thoughts and that the universe gives us what we want or think of the most; be it positive or negative.  Of course these are neither the exact words nor phrasing but that is the message the book puts across.
Think about what you really want the most, believe that it can happen and visualize…then it will happen. Do not concentrate on what you don't want to happen because that is what the universe will give you. The book states we spend so much time and thought on negativity; thinking of what we don't want to happen which of course ends up happening because of what we put out in terms of thought.
So, I would like a lot of good things to happen for me in my life especially a strengthening in my faith. I feel that I am slowly falling off the straight and narrow which is not good. Much as I try, I just cannot get to my desired level of spiritual fulfillment. I don't know if you all go through this because I am and I don't know what to do. It is due to this and a host of other things that I would like to happen that I have made the decision to try out "The Law Of Attraction". I have also been playing with the idea of creating a vision board to help me visualize but I won't. My family will be too inquisitive which I hate. I hate having to explain myself. For now, a list of what I would like to happen will suffice.
One of my best friends told me it works and I believe her. On that note, y'all try it and experience it for yourselves.

Ps: For those that haven't read the book yet please do. It gives a totally new aspect on life and our thoughts. "We are what we think we are."

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