Monday, August 17, 2015

A Catch Up!

It is a little hard to believe how the year is going by so damn fast! I recently leafed through my gratitude journal and diary as a look back on all that I’d gone through the first half of the year in comparison to what is happening. Between then and now; nothing much has changed yet a lot has happened. I have failed to get over an experience or two that happened in the first quarter unlike the second. This continues to lurk in not only my thoughts but also lingers in my happy place. The last thing one wants is the presence of someone (even in thought) in your happy place. 
Speaking of my happy place, my reading has fallen off the wagon. I have managed to read just a handful of books this year almost by force. I can’t seem to find the time to just luxuriate in a good book and sigh over the story. If at all I do; it is to read a few chapters here and there which makes for a disconnected experience between the story and I, the reader. If the year wasn't almost up, I would have made this a resolution.
If I knew then what I know now; I would not pray for being a social butterfly! I never prayed for being a social butterfly. It just happened and is TAXING! How do people who go dancing everyday of the week manage to make it through one day to the next? The several Saturdays I have managed neither to cancel nor postpone plans took the stuffing out of me. July came to an end with me being a social butterfly- a situation I didn’t want for August but much as I try not to be involved there is something to pull me out of my cocoon.
This year has been quite full of surprises especially when it comes to writing. I say it over and over that writing is not my forte and this sentiment hasn’t changed. But, I am beginning to enjoy the little things that bring out the Shakespeare in me. Who knew I had a poetic muscle that loves to be flexed now and then? However, much as I love flexing it when the need arises, I have come to realize that the sources of inspiration are no good. Yes, if that girl or guy ever brings out the Shakespeare in you, stay the hell away but enjoy the creativity. Let the creativity flow like it is meant to because it takes away all those little niggles of doubt and you get to say everything you cannot tell him or her. That’s the beauty of creativity.
For the first time in my life; I made a doodle of a guy’s name. Name doodles are usually reserved for self as every artist knows because they say  a lot. A lot more than the actual drawing could ever say. I have never ever made name doodles of someone else’s name except mine. I did it at the end of one of the most exhausting days at work and being able to do so after such a hard day said it all. It was a day of letting go of everything and being one with the pencil. In those moments; nothing else matters. Nothing.

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