Wednesday, January 20, 2016


"Poetry is not for the poets but those who need it."-Unknown 

My January seems to be a replica of everything I went through last year and to say I am happy or OK would be putting a nice face onto emotions I do not feel. I'm barely holding it together.

You know you're lost when you ask a friend to write you a poem. 
I was scrolling through my feed and read a nice update from a person I've known so many years enough to consider a friend about 'beautiful people'. Instead of commenting about his update I asked him to write me a poem as a pick me up. I have always loved his writing and made no secret of it.

Some people have a way of putting ones emotions into words without knowing their full story.
When I asked him to write for me, I never gave him any pointers or direction on the kind of poem I want. But he came up with something that made me tear up. The appropriateness of it in connection to my mood was a surprise. I guess he deduced my feelings, mood and current frame of mind from my posts. The words are simply simply perfect!
The spirit wants to roam free, at the sea of your emotions and just be. But fear is like an anchor holding you down. 
The restless thoughts you entertain are making a sound. 
And your skies may be filled with clouds. Understand, you will never be the sun in the universe of another: not even of those you hold dear like mother, father, sister or brother. 
Happiness will shine once your sun is discovered. But first; tears gotta fall like the rain. lifting that anchor will bring pain. 
Sometimes a loss in disguise is a gain. With faith by your side you'll see your sun again. when your skies clear you'll feel sane. 
A spirit is at peace when it's free to sail.
He is the third person to write me a poem. As someone who spent half of last year writing poems to another person, I must say it feels good to be on the receiving end of one albeit at my own instigation. 

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