Saturday, April 15, 2017


We have no say over the memories people choose to keep of us.

We only have it over the feelings we evoke in them. 

Those last longer than the memories. 

x Shanah

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lost Love

Love of each others lives,
Back from the past,
On the brink of something new,
Something wonderful,
Would it be the same?
Because time took its toll.
Led them to different paths,
Changed them from who they used to be,
Into people they hardly recognize.
Is it worth the chance?
To carry on from where they left of,
Love as adults,
For they have changed.
They are hardly who they used to be.
Have fought indescribable battles,
Battles that left them scarred,
Yet here they are,
On the brink of discovery,
Of finding out,
If what life took from them,
Is something they ever wanted,
A second chance to love,
To live out their love story,
And finally see where it might lead,
If indeed their story was meant to last,
Marked as their final one,
In the book of life.

- Shanah

I wrote this poem in 2015 and coming across it while going through my starred emails was such a pleasure. I think it was inspired by the telenovela, "What Life Took From Me". The first but not last poem I wrote inspired by a telenovela. This goes to show how addicted I am to those things.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

You Don't Know Me Enough

You don't know me enough
You don't know me enough to call me 'Honey',
You don't know me enough to call me 'Sugar',
You don't know me enough to call me 'Baby',
You don't know me enough to call me 'Boo',
You certainly don't know me enough to call me 'Love'.
Call me by my name.
Say it when we talk.
Write it in reference to me.
Then I'll know you know,
who you're talking to,
The person behind the name.


Saturday, February 18, 2017


Dear girl,
Romance is food for the soul.
Stay away from the boys who don't offer it.
They are robbers of emotional deposits.
However liberal you are in your thinking,
You need these little acts from boys.
To remind you of your femininity,
To drive home the message;
You are desirable.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Story Of You.

When you grow up,
You meet a lot of people,
People who will write the story of you,
In the book of life.
You will come across the curious souls,
Whose sole purpose is to sketch a mental outline of you,
Once it's done, you will never see them again.
You will come across the users,
Interested in their own journey,
With you as the vehicle to their destination.
You will come across the genuine souls,
The ones interested in your story,
And wish to be part.
They will go as far as lending a hand,
In the writing process.
Fill out their mental sketch of you,
Detail by detail,
Bringing you to life.
Stick with the genuine souls,
They are interested in writing the story of you,
At your pace,
While reading it,
In the book of life.

- Shanah

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

His Hometown

Me trying out the local drink Kashera

I passed through his home town today.
I mentally kept checking out and off the landmarks I recalled him excitedly telling me about.
I listened with one ear as he went on and on about the prominent figures that belong to his hometown.
The delight he expressed in their ability to light it up during Christmas season and how much he loved it.
I was much more interested in seeing his eyes light up as he described the area.
The little smile that crossed his face at the rush of good memories.
Never did I imagine I would one day be in his part of the world.
Not only be in it but unable to tell him about it.
As I looked out for the places he mentioned,
I went back to that day; relived the memory and his excitement then snuffed out the onslaught of memories.
The sheer irony couldn't escape my nostalgia.
I was in the hometown of somebody I used to know. And I couldn't tell him about it.
Even if I wanted to.
The driver urged me to get in touch with him; tell him my experiences and how I love the lushness of the green here.
I couldn't.
I do not want to.
I no longer wish to be apart of the circus.
What people fail to understand is; the circus stops being entertaining at some point. One can only attend a few uncertain but adrenaline pumping shows before the amusement wears off.
As much as I am tempted, I am no longer interested.
I have outgrown a one man circus act.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Year...

Glossy filter on the left and without on the right.

This is not a trite and cliched new year post inasmuch as it bears the words. It is about the time I suffered an acute bout of FOMO (fear of missing out) over the influx of Christmas cards on social media during the festive season.

The beauty, creativity and thoughts put into releasing the final product in true spirit of the season not only lifted my mood but had me reaching for the pencil a couple of times. It is that unabated excitement and flow of creative juices that heralded the decision to come up with something personal for New Year's. 

It took me 3 days to settle on the lettering and another 2 for color. After the pencil sketch was done, the finishing touches were more or less a walkover!

Coming a cross filter that gave it the glossy and sparkly finish was quite the feather in my cap! It brought my vision to light and got me so excited that waiting for the remaining days and five minutes after midnight on the 31st almost dampened my mood.

The feedback after the reveal was insane! Thinking about it, right now, warms my heart! 
A fortnight into 2017 and there's nothing much I can say except Alhamdulilah. For the gift of life, for the new dreams we get to dream after fulfilling old ones and the opportunities that drive us to discover our potential and become the people we desire to be.

Life may not be perfect right now; but it is absolutely alright!


We have no say over the memories people choose to keep of us. We only have it over the feelings we evoke in them.  Those last longer ...